How It Works



Use the form on our Contact Us or email and inquire about the city of your choice.

A member of our Booking Team will be in contact with you via email within 48 hours of your inquiry (not including weekends.) Please be sure to read each item and step of the Mermaid Experience in the email from our Booking Team. Each part of the process is key to assure the best experience, if you have any questions about the process this is the time to discuss them with the Booking Team. 


ADDED CHILD: $150 (6yo or younger)




The package includes 10-15 min of prep time, 45-60 minutes of shoot time (in the tail), you will receive a proof sheet of your best images as selected by your photographer. Mini sessions include a 30 minutes of shoot time.

We provide the tops and tails for your underwater shoot. The shoot does not include hair and make-up.  You are welcome to bring any accessories you might want to use during your shoot. We kindly request that you do not use plastic or craft glitter on any items you bring for the underwater shoots, as it is harmful to our fishy friends and not bio-degradable. Our Booking Agent can help you resource where to get your make-up done if you need help or guidance and can also provide you with make-up tips for what works best.  

Please note, with the exception of Hawaii (and possibly our Australian locations), our underwater shoots take place in heated pools to ensure the quality of the digital images you receive are gorgeous and unique. 



We will deliver a link to an online gallery to you within three weeks from your shoot. There is one complimentary digital photo as part of the Mermaid Experience. This photo will be a fully retouched digital image. You may purchase additional retouched digital images for up to 3 years after your shoot. We do not release any raw images. Your raw images will be kept on file for 3 years so you will be able to order additional images from us at anytime.

Once you have selected your favorite image, we will start the full edit and retouching process on your chosen photo so that it looks like the images you see on our Instagram and website! This image is yours to keep and share! It is delivered to you as a high resolution file so that you can print and share in as many ways as you can imagine!



Once a booking is completed and your deposit is received you have 24 hours to request a refund.  If the request isn't submitted within 24 hours, we wont be able to process a refund. To be able to offer these shoots close to your location, your deposit covers the pre - production.

Full payment has to be delivered 2 weeks before your shoot.